More Customer Feedback!

I am just back from a fantastic trip to Florida where I met some more amazing people- I’m so excited to see the good news about Norwex spreading throughout the southern states.  We can use *your* help in bringing Norwex to America! I wanted to take a moment to share some feedback that I received from a customer yesterday.  (By the way, I always love to hear your review of the Norwex products… I have learned so much from my customers on ways that they have found these products to be fantastic!)

Susan M. from Asheville, North Carolina shared: “Hey, Sonya!  One of my cats promptly threw up a HUGE hairball last night and I used the blue Norwex cloth and it took the stain out of the carpet like magic.  I usually have to put oxyclean on the carpet but this time only water and the Norwex cloth got that nasty orangey stain right out and it didn’t wick back up through the carpet as it usually does.  I’m IMPRESSED!

Another customer shared a synopsis of how she felt as she was introduced to Norwex:
1) Skepticism (when she received an invite to a party)
2) Intrigue (as she did a bit of online research)
3) WOW!!! (after seeing Norwex products in action at her first Norwex party)

So many of us can completely relate to this!!  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!  Thanks for reading.  Check back often!