Sonya’s Top Ten!!

Before Norwex announced their official Top 10 Products, I had put together my personal TOP TEN!  It was fun to see that many of them aligned, but there are a few differences, too!  ūüôā   Comment below with YOUR Top 10 Faves!

Sonya's Top TenIf you’re ready to get started with your own Norwex faves, you can order online and they will ship right to your front door!

Norwex Top Ten SellersHere’s a snapshot of the Norwex Top Ten!  Love representing a company with such effective, eco-friendly products and such an incredible company mission & heart!!

March Hosting Gifts!

Norwex has just announced the March hosting gifts!!! ¬†Wanting to host a party, but not sure of a consultant in your area? ¬†I’d be honored to do an online party with you and your friends! ¬†You can earn all of the same gifts, I’ll mail you some catalogs and tips, and we meet online for some Norwex tips and tricks and have a party! ¬† Email me (replacechemicals @ gmail . com) if you’d like to book your Facebook party to earn your gifts for free!!! ¬† Or… if you’d like to take advantage of this March risk-free sign on kit, we can even make it your Launch Party!

Check out these awesome hosting gifts!  Norwex is always so generous and truly helps our host Norwex their home for free!

Thank you, Norwex, for taking such awesome care of our hosts!

Thank you, Norwex, for taking such awesome care of our hosts!

And some great deals for our customers, as well:
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Norwex in Europe

Norwex opening in Germany, Ireland, and the UK, among a growing number of European countries.  What an incredible opportunity!

Norwex opening in Germany, Ireland, and the UK, among a growing number of European countries. What an incredible opportunity! Ask about the Norwex Global Referral Program.

We are so excited for our friends in Germany, Ireland, and the UK to have Norwex opening there!! ¬†What an incredible opportunity!!! ¬†Over these past ~15 years,¬†Norwex has been welcomed into homes all across North America with huge¬†gratitude for bringing a better, safer way to clean! ¬†Norwex provides amazing alternatives to toxic cleaners and personal care products. ¬† What I have loved is that even those who maybe aren’t too concerned about the impact of chemicals and the toxic load in their homes and our environment, still LOVE these products because they WORK better! ¬†And they save us TIME and MONEY (and SPACE under the kitchen sink, too!)!

I am a Global Sponsor for individuals wanting to start a Norwex business in Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and our future Norwex countries!  If YOU know someone in one of these countries who is looking for a ground-floor, proven business, I would be very honored to help them get started!  As a Norwex Global Sponsor, these consultants can come to me for additional support as they grow their business.

If you would like to refer someone (or yourself), please send me an email at ReplaceChemicals @ gmail . com.  I can share more about the Global Norwex Referral Program.  I am excited for this opportunity ahead for Europe!


Norwex in China

Over my past 6 years as a Norwex consultant, I’ve occasionally heard this question.¬† “Why does Norwex make their cloths in China?”.¬† Simply put, China offers the highest textile expertise in the world, which is necessary for our extremely high technology and quality of our cloths!

So what an incredible honor that In June, as one of the Senior Vice President Norwex Leaders, I was invited to personally GO to China to visit our factory!!  What a privilege, and it confirmed to me that China is the right place for these amazing cloths to be made!

As we arrived in Shang Hai, we could have easily been in any North American city… except there was both English and Chinese writing on all the signs.¬† The people around us were friendly, and we had a very warm welcome!¬† After the long flight, we were excited to be on ground, and it seemed surreal that we were half-way around the world!

Famous Street China

We enjoyed touring Shang Hai and learning more about the local culture, and we were all giddy about getting to finally visit the Norwex factory *in person*!   We could not possibly impact and bless homes all across North America (and beyond) if it were not for our incredible production team!  It was such a privilege to spend time with Norwex Global CEO, Eivind Schakt; Global Chief Sales Officer, Debbie Bolton; CEO of Norwex Canada, Judy Letain; Regional Sales Manager, Brian Dill; Chief Product Officer, David Peeters; and the factory managers and staff.  Once again, confirming that Norwex has the right people in the right positions to support incredible long-term success & growth!!  What an incredible, heart-centered, mission-driven company to be a part of!

At the factory, we were welcomed by the staff, into an air-conditioned, immaculate entrance.

Factory Tour 2015

The Norwex factory is owned and run by Norwex.¬† China is the textile leader of the world, which allows us to bring the highest quality cloths, with the embedded silver technology, to market.¬† (I still can hardly believe I have the opportunity to bring these amazing, life-changing products to market!¬† Blessed to have something I’m so passionate about and also the ability to earn an amazing income!!)

When they told us that we were going to ‘make a cloth’, I didn’t know quite what to expect, but it was a memory to cherish!¬† At the factory, we watched each and every cloth being thoroughly inspected, hand-sewn, sealed, and checked again.¬† The love that goes into each one made me appreciate these¬†cloths even more!¬† The staff were as excited to see us, as we were them, knowing that neither of our jobs would be possible if it were not for the other.¬† I couldn’t believe they were going to trust us to sew on those fancy machines.¬† But they did!!! They gave us a sewing lesson on our practice cloth and then we got to make our “real” one!!!¬† It was with great pride that I sewed on that Norwex tag!

Once we had tried our hand at making a cloth, it was with even more appreciation we watched them all do it perfectly and with ease!

Sonya Delores learning from an expert    My very own framed pink Enviro cloth that *I* made! Wow!!!  My very own framed pink Enviro cloth that *I* made! Wow!!!  Thank you Norwex for giving this very special gift!!!

I have only scratched the surface on our trip, but what I can tell you is that Norwex is making a difference GLOBALLY… blessing their staff in China, our Global Headquarters, Dallas, TX, Canadian HQ in Dauphin, Manitoba, and all around the world.¬† Norwex is bringing thousands of jobs to North America, where consultants have the privilege to share this ‘new way to clean’!¬†¬† I’m so¬†blessed¬†to represent this company and these products!

North American SVP Leaders China 2015

Thank YOU for helping us introduce these Norwex products into more and more home, helping create safe havens all across North America, and beyond!!!  Would you like to join us in this Norwex movement? We would love your help in sharing these products!  Click here for more details about becoming a Norwex consultant!  We are looking for leaders who would love to be part of something BIGGER than themselves.  A mission combined perfectly with incredible opportunity for growth and income!

Looking forward to connecting with you,

Norwex is giving away FREE Mops! Yup. For real.

Our July hosts can earn a FREE Norwex Mop System when they have just $500 in party sales with at least 3 buying guests and at least one party booking!!!!! That is phenomenal! And check out the other hosting gifts, as well! Thank you, Norwex, for letting us bless our hosts with these amazing FREE gifts!!!!

Jul15 Hosting Gifts

Do catalog or online parties count? You bet! Do you have friends who love (or WOULD LOVE Norwex if they knew about it?)? You can collect orders, give me a call, and we can submit the party order and help YOU earn these amazing gifts! And check out the awesome Customer Specials this month, as well!

Jul15 Customer Specials

Have questions? Reach out to your Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.¬† If you’re not currently working with another consultant, feel free to give me a call: 605-271-1814. Or visit my blog:

FANTASTIC November Norwex Specials!!!

Shop Nov. 1st after noon Central to get our November Customer Specials!!  I love them all!!  What a great way to get a GREAT deal on the products that we love!

Several of my FAVES for a great price!  What a great time to purchase #NorwexGifts for the special peeps in your life!

Several of my FAVES for a great price! What a great time to purchase #NorwexGifts for the special peeps in your life!

And once again, Norwex is pampering their hosts who hold a Norwex Party in their home or online!  My home party calendar is completely booked, but I have a couple spaces open for a Norwex Facebook Party!  Let me know!
November 2014 Norwex Hosting Specials

NEW Norwex Products are HERE!!

Check out the new Fall 2014 Products!!  These are fantastic!  Check out the new product videos and details here:

So here’s my top faves so far:
1) Bottle Brush with Enviro Sleeve!!!! AWESOME!!!!¬† It cleans dishes SO well, and you don’t have to have your hands in the dish water.¬† And the Enviro Sleeve is great for drying out damp glasses/ cups.¬† It fits right over the brush, but you won’t need to use it all the time.
2) Stainless Steel Drinking Straws with the cleaning brush!!¬†(I’d recommend 8 per house of these with one cleaning brush!¬† America throws out 60 MILLION drinking straws per day (and we think that’s a pretty low estimate since McDonalds alone sells to 60 million per day!)¬† My boys have given these straws their hearty stamp of approval!!3) Silicone Lids!!!¬† These are SO AWESOME!!!¬† They seal beautifully, even on plastic or wooden bowls!¬† Keep food fresh and protected WITHOUT using Saran Wrap!¬† These also make great gifts!!¬†¬†¬† I’d recommend a couple packages of these!
4) Reusable Produce Bags!!!¬† These are AWESOME!!!¬† I had customer commenting on mine at the grocery store yesterday, and it felt so good to not be taking more plastic bags!!¬† I’d recommend at least 2 packages of these (they come in a 3-pack).¬† You can wash your produce RIGHT IN THE BAG, let them dry and put them in the crisper.¬† “From grocery store to produce drawer!”
5) NEW & IMPROVED Optic Scarves!!!These now work similar to the Optic Cloth but are also safe on anti-glare!!!¬† New patterns and MORE effective than ever!!¬† Just breathe lightly on the glasses/ phone/ sunglasses/ etc…. and wipe them clean!6) Entry Mat!!¬† 85% of contaminants are brought into the home in the first 4 steps! The Norwex Entry Mat features super-thirsty microfiber and stiff polypropylene bristles so dirt and other pollutants get trapped in the mat instead of being tracked into your home. Use the Norwex Rubber Brush to keep it looking fresh between washings. For floors, try the new Double-Sided Mop System, one mop does it all! It swivels and flips for double cleaning duty. Saves you time and storage space!

Check out the new product catalog!!!!!!!!  It will download as a PDF to your computer.
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