Host a Norwex ONLINE Party

Norwex hosting gifts are phenomenal!!! ¬†And I can help you earn these hosting gifts right from the comfort of your own home!!! ¬†An ONLINE Norwex party! ¬†We have so much fun, and I’ve been helping my hosts earn a ton of Norwex for free! ¬†If you’d like to book your online party date, just email me at so we can find a date that works for you! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Historically, January has been MOP Month for our January hosts… I’m hoping the same for this January! ¬†My month always books fast, so reach out to me if you’d like to host and earn your Norwex Mop for free!!

shopping-online-becauseOr, if you’re just needing to purchase some Norwex, you may do so at

Sonya’s Top Ten!!

Before Norwex announced their official Top 10¬†Products, I had put together my personal TOP TEN! ¬†It was fun to see that many of them aligned, but there are a few differences, too! ¬†ūüôā ¬† Comment below with YOUR Top 10 Faves!

Sonya's Top TenIf you’re ready to get started with your own Norwex faves, you can order online and they will ship right to your front door! ¬†

Norwex Top Ten SellersHere’s a snapshot of the Norwex Top Ten! ¬†Love representing a company with such effective, eco-friendly¬†products and such an incredible company mission & heart!!

The Norwex Movement & Purpose

Would you like to hear more about the mission and vision of Norwex?  CLICK HERE to review the Norwex Purpose Booklet!  What an incredible mission-based company!!

We invite you to join the Norwex Movement!  The Norwex Purpose

Norwex Before & After Book!

Even after almost 7 years as a consultant, they continue to AMAZE me!  And I love that they make my life EASIER, save me tons of CASH, and help me create a safer home for my family!!!

CLICK HERE to browse through our Before & After Booklet!
Sonya Norwex Before & After Booklet

Ready to purchase your Norwex?  It just got easier than ever with our enhanced website!!  Shop at!

Have you given any thought to becoming a consultant? ¬†If you’re already working with a Norwex consultant, then I’m sure they’re taking excellent care of you! ¬†If not, I’d be honored to be your sponsor and mentor! ¬†Reach out with any questions: ¬†605-271-1814 or visit

Thanks for being part of the Norwex movement!!


March Hosting Gifts!

Norwex has just announced the March hosting gifts!!! ¬†Wanting to host a party, but not sure of a consultant in your area? ¬†I’d be honored to do an online party with you and your friends! ¬†You can earn all of the same gifts, I’ll mail you some catalogs and tips, and we meet online for some Norwex tips and tricks and have a party! ¬† Email me (replacechemicals @ gmail . com) if you’d like to book your Facebook party to earn your gifts for free!!! ¬† Or… if you’d like to take advantage of this March risk-free sign on kit, we can even make it your Launch Party!

Check out these awesome hosting gifts!  Norwex is always so generous and truly helps our host Norwex their home for free!

Thank you, Norwex, for taking such awesome care of our hosts!

Thank you, Norwex, for taking such awesome care of our hosts!

And some great deals for our customers, as well:
If you’re ready to purchase, CLICK HERE to bring you to my shopping website!

Shop this link to order online:


Norwex in Europe

Norwex opening in Germany, Ireland, and the UK, among a growing number of European countries.  What an incredible opportunity!

Norwex opening in Germany, Ireland, and the UK, among a growing number of European countries. What an incredible opportunity! Ask about the Norwex Global Referral Program.

We are so excited for our friends in Germany, Ireland, and the UK to have Norwex opening there!! ¬†What an incredible opportunity!!! ¬†Over these past ~15 years,¬†Norwex has been welcomed into homes all across North America with huge¬†gratitude for bringing a better, safer way to clean! ¬†Norwex provides amazing alternatives to toxic cleaners and personal care products. ¬† What I have loved is that even those who maybe aren’t too concerned about the impact of chemicals and the toxic load in their homes and our environment, still LOVE these products because they WORK better! ¬†And they save us TIME and MONEY (and SPACE under the kitchen sink, too!)!

I am a Global Sponsor for individuals wanting to start a Norwex business in Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and our future Norwex countries!  If YOU know someone in one of these countries who is looking for a ground-floor, proven business, I would be very honored to help them get started!  As a Norwex Global Sponsor, these consultants can come to me for additional support as they grow their business.

If you would like to refer someone (or yourself), please send me an email at ReplaceChemicals @ gmail . com.  I can share more about the Global Norwex Referral Program.  I am excited for this opportunity ahead for Europe!