FAQ’s about becoming a Norwex Consultant

Do you have questions about becoming a Norwex Consultant?   Are you ready to get started earning money right away?

What would YOU do with some extra monthly income?  A vacation?  A car payment?   Norwex has blessed so many families!  And it’s my honor to help you discover this FUN and SIMPLE way to make a difference in our world while earning a great income!  Whether you want to earn a full-time or a part-time income, or are looking for a great hobby that changes lives, Norwex can be just the answer you’re looking for.

So today I want to take a minute to cover some of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about starting a Norwex business.

*What does it cost to become a Norwex consultant? 

You’ll be super excited to learn that in the US, your start-up kit is FREE and remains free when you have $2000 in sales in your first 90 days  Can you even believe a company this generous?!  You can figure that it’ll take around 4-6 parties to sell this amount, but often it is reached even sooner.  That’s just $667 in retail sales/month.  (If you don’t meet this minimum, Norwex charges you $200 for your consultant Starter Kit, which is less than the retail value of the kit.) If you’re looking for a Norwex leader to help you get started, I’d be honored to have you part of our Planet Green Team. Be sure to ask me for details on the EXTRA kit bonus this month!  What a perfect time to join the Norwex team & get started in representing a company that lives its core values of Integrity, Trust, & Respect!

*How soon will I receive my consultant kit and what will be in it?
Your kit typically arrives within about a week via UPS!

The USA Consultant Starter Kit includes ALL of this:

2015 Starter Kit

In Canada?  The Canadian Starter Kit works the same as in the USA!!  Our team is growing all across North America (in fact, we’ve even begun growing in Germany and Australia now!!)

*So what products will I need to get for my demo kit and how much will that cost me? As consultants, we have the fabulous opportunity to be hostess and consultant as often as we choose, we suggest that you take advantage of this privilege by placing an initial $400 [retail cost] order to start building your demo kit.   (After your discount, this will end up costing you $260 (plus the shipping & tax) and you will be $400 toward your $2000 minimum sales to keep your kit for free!)  Once you register as a consultant on our team, we will provide you with the suggested products to place on this first order, and assist you in placing the order.

*Can I purchase products as a consultant just for my own use? Yes, absolutely!  The best way to be successful with your Norwex business is to use the products yourself!  Once you’re using the Norwex products, you’ll most likely find it very easy to tell others about them.   You need to spend a minimum of $250 (retail) within every 3-month period to stay Active.  Be aware that these products are so timely and in demand, that when people find out that you’re a consultant, they’ll likely want to order products from you and book their own Norwex party with you!

OK… so you’re wanting to know more?  Here are few more common questions that I hear:

*Besides making commissions on my Norwex sales, what are some of the benefits of becoming a consultant?

  • Start making money right away! As a consultant, you have the opportunity to start earning income immediately through home parties and direct sales.
    *Consultants receive 35% discount on their own products, direct sales, and party sales.  We are some of the highest paid consultants in the home-party industry!
    *We recommend that you get started by hosting your own “Launch Party”.  It’s a fantastic way to let your friends and relatives know about your new business, and I’d love to guide you in that!
    * The Norwex business opportunity is constructed to allow consultants to sell the products at tradeshows and vendor fairs!  They are such a fun opportunity to build your business!
    *Fundraisers and charity donations are also an excellent way to build your business while contributing 20-25% of your profit to a cause that you believe in!
    *Person-to-person “Direct Sale” provides 35% commission.
    *(Note:  Norwex does NOT allow the sale of products on online sites such as Ebay, Amazon, nor in retail stores.)
  • On average, home party sales in the USA are about $500-600 . It’s not unusual to have $1000 sales at one show!  That’s about $350 profit in one night!  On average, the consultant’s profit (in the US) will be roughly $175-$210.   Consider this:  how long would it take to make that kind of money at a typical 9 to 5 job?
  • Incredible team support!  As a new Norwex distributor on our Senior VP team (recently named the top Norwex team in North America!), you have immediate access to a wealth of information and training on our team training site, exclusively developed for the “Planet Green Team”.  This site offers product information and training, business ideas and tips, FAQs, detailed instructions for ordering, and much, much more.
  • My personally-sponsored team members have access to support directly from me via phone or email.  Each person’s goals are different, and my goal is to assist you as much (or as little) as you’d like to help you reach *your* goals.   There are area team meetings, a team support group & conference calls where we share successes, challenges, and ideas with other consultants.  I also provide you with a training system to give you a ”track to run on” to get your business off to a successful start!  I’m very committed to helping my team build successful & life-changing Norwex businesses!  If you are already working with a consultant, I’m sure you’re being well cared for!  If you are looking for a Norwex leader to help you get started, I would love to connect with you and answer any questions that you may have.
  • You can sponsor your own team of active consultants. With as few as three consultants on your team, you can start earning 3% on the sales of your personal team.   Norwex has no cap on the amount you can earn- no point where they limit your earning potential!  As you promote to Sales Leader, Executive Sales Leader, Senior Executive Sales Leader, and VP Sales Manager, your residual income will continue to grow.   This is real-life, real-time earning potential.   We have unbelievable income potential, and there’s such a need for more consultants to spread the word about this incredible company, its products and opportunity.  I would LOVE to have you help us bring Norwex to North America!
  • Ability to choose how often and when you work! This makes Norwex an easy fit for virtually any lifestyle or schedule!  Flexibility ROCKS!!!
  • Norwex has a generous, company-funded hosting program. Along with Norwex’s super-effective ‘green’ products, this extremely generous host/hostess program (funded by Norwex!) makes it even easier to find customers who WANT to host parties!  I love how well Norwex treats their customers, their hostesses, and their consultants!  I can’t think of a better company to be a part of!
  • Norwex remits sales taxes. Which means that we don’t have to worry about remitting sales tax to the state!  Huge perk!
  • Our supply costs are low. Catalogs are under a dollar each!  And order forms are only $9.99 for 100.
  • Eligible for tax benefits. As a small business owner, you may be able to tax deduct business mileage, a portion of utilities, your home office, phone and internet bill and office expenses.  I’m not a tax professional, so be sure to consult with your CPA for all tax details!!!
  • Opportunities to earn travel and product incentives!
    I’ve loved earning all-expense paid trips to beautiful, warm places every winter!!!  What kind of job do you get THAT perk?  And these are super doable to earn!  A couple of my recent favorites have been to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and to Costa Rica!!  YOU can earn these, and I’d love to support you in achieving a warm & sunny vacation!!  :)

*How do I get a consultant application?   Becoming a Norwex Consultant is SO simple.  You can sign on directly from my website, or simply call me and I can get your information by phone. Call Sonya Today! Whichever is easiest for you!  If you prefer to print and fax your Consultant Application, you could do that, too.  .  If you’re in Canada, Australia, Norway, Austria, Latvia, Germany or Lithuania, contact me directly for the appropriate application.

*How do I become knowledgeable about the products? The best way to learn the details of our products is to put them to use in your own home!  :)  In the process of becoming a Norwex consultant, you get the perk of Norwexing your Home!  We also provide great product training via our team website and product manual!

*What is a Norwex presentation like? Let me simply say…  it’s unlike any other party you’ve been to!   We even smear some butter or Vaseline on a mirror and clean it to a sparkling, streak-free shine…. with JUST a Norwex cloth and water!   We do some actual demos so the customers can ‘see it with their own eyes’!  I’ve had countless hostesses tell me that they “NEVER host parties”, but that this party is “different” and they’d love to hold a show!!  Besides the fact that they had a fun evening, they tell me that they want to share this with their friends because of the difference these products make!

*How long does it take to do a home party? Set up time is approximately 20-30 minutes, the presentation typically lasts about 45 minutes, and the ordering time is about another 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of guests.  You’re usually looking at about 2 to 2 1/2 hours at the host/ hostess’ home.  Outside of the show, you will spend 30-60 minutes between coaching your hostess in how to have the most successful show, placing the order, and follow-up customer care calls.   So that means from start to finish and even some behind the scenes work, you can easily make $50 dollars/hour.  What other part-time job can offer those excellent wages?!

*Will I need to keep inventory on hand? No, keeping inventory is not a requirement!  Typically we ship the orders directly to our hosts’ homes, or we can direct ship right to our customers for just a bit more in shipping (LOVE having that option!).   You may find as your customer base grows, that some inventory is nice for re-orders (I almost always have Laundry Detergent on hand because once someone starts using it, they never want to use anything else!), but even for re-orders, it is SO simple to drop-ship them the product directly from Norwex.

*What are the monthly sales requirements as a consultant? There are no monthly sales requirements to remain an active consultant, but you must have at least $250 retail sales (including but not limited to your personal purchases) within each 3-month period to be Active.  Because you get 35% discount on your purchases, this actually amounts to about $180/ 3 month period.  (NOTE: to receive manager checks, there ARE monthly sales requirements.)

*How is my commission paid to me? If the party guests or direct customers pay by check or cash, you get your profit immediately, since you only pay Norwex 65% of the retail amount (plus actual tax & shipping) and the customer paid you the full retail amount.   When the amount of your guest credit card payments exceeds the amount that you owe Norwex for the order, Norwex will direct-deposit that overage amount as your commissions.  Many of my customers prefer to pay by check, however, so most times I get my commission that same night!   As for the leadership commissions paid for training and supporting your active team, they are direct deposited once per month. (NOTE: The choice to sponsor and train a team is optional.  Some people LOVE the training portion of Norwex (personally, it’s one of my favorite parts!), while others prefer to simply share the Norwex products at parties and earn party income.  If you are wanting to build a Norwex team, then I am thrilled to be your mentor and trainer in both aspects of this business!)

*Am I provided with a website from Norwex? Yes!   Norwex websites are available to all Norwex consultants for just $9.99/month (Free for your first 60 days!)!!   The sites are fantastic- click here to check mine out!  This means that your customers can order online 24/7.

*Is there an annual renewal fee? No, as long as you have at least $250 retail sales every six months, there are no renewal fees once you start your business!

*Is Norwex a pyramid scheme? No, Norwex is a direct sales/ home party company similar to The Pampered Chef.   Norwex retails in-demand and timely products to its customers.  Norwex doesn’t advertise via media, but rather hires independent consultants such as you and me to be their advertisement!

*Do I have to live in Canada or the US to become a Norwex Consultant? No, Norwex is open for operation in the US, Canada, Norway, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania and Australia.  You may sponsor a consultant in any country that Norwex is operational in, although there are a few details that you’ll need to know.

*As my sponsor, what kind of support can I expect? My #1 goal is that my team members are successful in meeting their personal Norwex goals!  To help you get there, I offer my personal phone & email support and coaching to help you successfully build your new business. You’ll also receive my team emails and are welcome to participate in our conference calls and team meetings, and have access to our fantastic Team Training Website.  This is designed to help you get off to a strong start with a structured system of product knowledge, promotional materials, recruiting tools, training audio & videos and much more.  I work with many, many team members who are across the country from me.  Regardless of whether your sponsor is in your location or across the country, training and support are KEY, and with excellent support systems in place, we’re able to work together whether you live down the street, in another state, or another country.

When you’re part of our Planet Green Norwex team, you truly are in business FOR yourself, but NOT BY yourself.  Our team is behind you all the way to reach the level of success that you desire- whether that be part-time, full-time, or BIG-time!  Call me and we can discuss if a “recession-proof” Norwex career is a good fit for you. Call Sonya Today! .  Your business is all that YOU want it to be– I consider it an  honor to help you get started!!!

Norwex is such an incredible opportunity to work with like-minded people toward a common mission to help those we love and our Earth!  On behalf of the Planet Green Team, welcome to Norwex!  I look forward to getting to know you throughout our business relationship together.


(We are currently hiring consultants in all 50 US states-Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia , Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming and Canada!   If Norwex matches your passions, give us a call to see if it’s a fit!

The international markets in Germany, Norway, Australia, etc are also very wide open- we would love your help in sharing Norwex globally.  Start a Norwex business now, and you’ll likely find yourself leader of a very large team!  I’d love to provide our support, training, and guidance as you launch your business.)

Sonya’s Top Ten!!

Before Norwex announced their official Top 10 Products, I had put together my personal TOP TEN!  It was fun to see that many of them aligned, but there are a few differences, too!  🙂   Comment below with YOUR Top 10 Faves!

Sonya's Top TenIf you’re ready to get started with your own Norwex faves, you can order online and they will ship right to your front door!  www.DetoxOurHomes.com

Norwex Top Ten SellersHere’s a snapshot of the Norwex Top Ten!  Love representing a company with such effective, eco-friendly products and such an incredible company mission & heart!!

Host a Norwex ONLINE Party

Norwex hosting gifts are phenomenal!!!  And I can help you earn these hosting gifts right from the comfort of your own home!!!  An ONLINE Norwex party!  We have so much fun, and I’ve been helping my hosts earn a ton of Norwex for free!  If you’d like to book your online party date, just email me at ReplaceChemicals@gmail.com so we can find a date that works for you!  🙂  Historically, January has been MOP Month for our January hosts… I’m hoping the same for this January!  My month always books fast, so reach out to me if you’d like to host and earn your Norwex Mop for free!!

shopping-online-becauseOr, if you’re just needing to purchase some Norwex, you may do so at www.DetoxOurHomes.com.

Norwex Before & After Book!

Even after almost 7 years as a consultant, they continue to AMAZE me!  And I love that they make my life EASIER, save me tons of CASH, and help me create a safer home for my family!!!

CLICK HERE to browse through our Before & After Booklet!
Sonya Norwex Before & After Booklet

Ready to purchase your Norwex?  It just got easier than ever with our enhanced website!!  Shop at www.DetoxOurHomes.com!

Have you given any thought to becoming a consultant?  If you’re already working with a Norwex consultant, then I’m sure they’re taking excellent care of you!  If not, I’d be honored to be your sponsor and mentor!  Reach out with any questions:  605-271-1814 or visit www.JoinPlanetGreenTeam.com.

Thanks for being part of the Norwex movement!!


March Hosting Gifts!

Norwex has just announced the March hosting gifts!!!  Wanting to host a party, but not sure of a consultant in your area?  I’d be honored to do an online party with you and your friends!  You can earn all of the same gifts, I’ll mail you some catalogs and tips, and we meet online for some Norwex tips and tricks and have a party!   Email me (replacechemicals @ gmail . com) if you’d like to book your Facebook party to earn your gifts for free!!!   Or… if you’d like to take advantage of this March risk-free sign on kit, we can even make it your Launch Party!

Check out these awesome hosting gifts!  Norwex is always so generous and truly helps our host Norwex their home for free!

Thank you, Norwex, for taking such awesome care of our hosts!

Thank you, Norwex, for taking such awesome care of our hosts!

And some great deals for our customers, as well:
If you’re ready to purchase, CLICK HERE to bring you to my shopping website!

Shop this link to order online:  http://www.norwex.biz/publicstore/event/57542/default.aspx


Norwex in Europe

Norwex opening in Germany, Ireland, and the UK, among a growing number of European countries.  What an incredible opportunity!

Norwex opening in Germany, Ireland, and the UK, among a growing number of European countries. What an incredible opportunity! Ask about the Norwex Global Referral Program.

We are so excited for our friends in Germany, Ireland, and the UK to have Norwex opening there!!  What an incredible opportunity!!!  Over these past ~15 years, Norwex has been welcomed into homes all across North America with huge gratitude for bringing a better, safer way to clean!  Norwex provides amazing alternatives to toxic cleaners and personal care products.   What I have loved is that even those who maybe aren’t too concerned about the impact of chemicals and the toxic load in their homes and our environment, still LOVE these products because they WORK better!  And they save us TIME and MONEY (and SPACE under the kitchen sink, too!)!

I am a Global Sponsor for individuals wanting to start a Norwex business in Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and our future Norwex countries!  If YOU know someone in one of these countries who is looking for a ground-floor, proven business, I would be very honored to help them get started!  As a Norwex Global Sponsor, these consultants can come to me for additional support as they grow their business.

If you would like to refer someone (or yourself), please send me an email at ReplaceChemicals @ gmail . com.  I can share more about the Global Norwex Referral Program.  I am excited for this opportunity ahead for Europe!