NEW Norwex Products are HERE!!

Check out the new Fall 2014 Products!!  These are fantastic!  Check out the new product videos and details here:

So here’s my top faves so far:
1) Bottle Brush with Enviro Sleeve!!!! AWESOME!!!!  It cleans dishes SO well, and you don’t have to have your hands in the dish water.  And the Enviro Sleeve is great for drying out damp glasses/ cups.  It fits right over the brush, but you won’t need to use it all the time.
2) Stainless Steel Drinking Straws with the cleaning brush!! (I’d recommend 8 per house of these with one cleaning brush!  America throws out 60 MILLION drinking straws per day (and we think that’s a pretty low estimate since McDonalds alone sells to 60 million per day!)  My boys have given these straws their hearty stamp of approval!!3) Silicone Lids!!!  These are SO AWESOME!!!  They seal beautifully, even on plastic or wooden bowls!  Keep food fresh and protected WITHOUT using Saran Wrap!  These also make great gifts!!   I’d recommend a couple packages of these!
4) Reusable Produce Bags!!!  These are AWESOME!!!  I had customer commenting on mine at the grocery store yesterday, and it felt so good to not be taking more plastic bags!!  I’d recommend at least 2 packages of these (they come in a 3-pack).  You can wash your produce RIGHT IN THE BAG, let them dry and put them in the crisper.  “From grocery store to produce drawer!”
5) NEW & IMPROVED Optic Scarves!!!These now work similar to the Optic Cloth but are also safe on anti-glare!!!  New patterns and MORE effective than ever!!  Just breathe lightly on the glasses/ phone/ sunglasses/ etc…. and wipe them clean!6) Entry Mat!!  85% of contaminants are brought into the home in the first 4 steps! The Norwex Entry Mat features super-thirsty microfiber and stiff polypropylene bristles so dirt and other pollutants get trapped in the mat instead of being tracked into your home. Use the Norwex Rubber Brush to keep it looking fresh between washings. For floors, try the new Double-Sided Mop System, one mop does it all! It swivels and flips for double cleaning duty. Saves you time and storage space!

Check out the new product catalog!!!!!!!!  It will download as a PDF to your computer.
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