The Norwex Body Glove

Many of my customer inquire about the Norwex Body Glove, so thought I’d share a quick post about it.  It’s not one of my top sellers, likely because I LOVE the Norwex Body Pack SO much!!  But my customers who purchase it, love it!!

  One thing for sure- these work GREAT for cleaning squirmy, slippery babies!  And no soap required!  They are super soft, fit snuggly on your hand, and leave the skin feeling soft and mildly exfoliated.  Quick note… it’s none to big, so not perfect for larger hands.  You can purchase it at my website for just $12.99- perfect stocking stuffer, too!!  Along with the Norwex Toothbrush!!  And the Foot Stone.  Be sure to stock up on the gifts that everyone will LOVE!

Call me with any questions- I love hearing from my customers! 

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